Terzo Paradiso (the Third Paradise) is the fusion between the first and second paradise.
The first is the paradise in which humans were fully integrated into nature. The second is the artificial paradise, developed by humans through a process that has now reached globalizing proportions. This paradise is made of artificial needs, artificial products, artificial comforts, artificial pleasures, and every other form of artifice. Humankind has formed a real artificial world that gives rise, in an exponential manner and in parallel with its beneficial effects, to irreversible processes of decline on a planetary scale. The danger of a tragic collision between the natural sphere and artificial has been announced in every way¹.
The idea of the Third Paradise is to lead artifice—that is, science, technology, art, culture and political life—back to the Earth, while engaging in the reestablishment of common principles and ethical behavior, for on these the actual success of the project depends. The Third Paradise is the passage to a new level of planetary civilization, essential to ensure the human race's survival. The Third Paradise is the new myth that leads everyone to take personal responsibility at this momentous juncture.
The Third Paradise is symbolically represented by a reconfiguration of the mathematical infinity sign. In the "New Infinity Sign" three circles are drawn: the two opposite circles signify nature and artifice; the middle one is the conjunction of the two and represents the generative womb of the Third Paradise.

1. The term artifice is rooted in the word art, so art today takes on core responsibilities with regard to the whole artificial world.

Michelangelo Pistoletto, 2003 - 2016

The whole of human society is now in the reckoning and so must face a historic transition, a complete change.
Humanity has gone through two paradises. The first, in which it integrated fully with nature; the second, in which it expanded into an artificial world of its own, which grew until it came into conflict with the natural world. It is time to begin the third stage, in which humanity will reconcile and unite nature and artifice, creating a new balance at every level and in every area of society: an evolutionary step in which the human intelligence finds ways to live in harmony with the intelligence of nature. A new perspective opens up that involves everyone, without exception, in the daily effort to implement the process of rebirth — each according to his or her abilities and possibilities.
Early signs of change can already be seen in every field of human activity, from art to spirituality, culture to politics, economics to science, manufacturing to education. But collective awareness and responsibility at the global level are urgent if we are to start the ascent toward a new era of humanity.

Download the text by Michelangelo Pistoletto "The Third Paradise" in PDF format

Download the manifesto by Michelangelo Pistoletto "Omnitheism and democracy" in PDF format

The Third Paradise assumes a concreate and operational form through the activities of Cittadellarte and the best practices as presented in the Geographies of Change.

Rebirth-day is the celebration of the Third Paradise.
Let's work all together to change the world.
The Third Paradise can not wait.

"On the occasion of the 2016 Rebirth-day, I suggest we should adopt a word on which to develop an understanding aiming at containing as much as possible the huge social dysfunction pervading the whole world.
The word I propose is: respect."
Michelangelo Pistoletto

The Earth is suffering. Crises follow one another. The globalization of the "growth" is accompanied by more and more realistic forecasts of a planetary collapse.
The imaginative connotation of "the end of the world" given to 21 December 2012 has unfortunately ended up assuming a symbolic meaning in the gravity of the situation humanity finds itself in at this time in history.
With the symbol of the Third Paradise we identify the day of the Re-birth with the 21 December.
The Rebirth-day is an event that celebrates the day in which each of us commits to collaborating to a responsible transformation of the world society. Third Paradise means that at the end of the second paradise, the artificial one in which we are living today, and which has followed the natural paradise, we have to create a third phase of the human progress, generating a balance between nature and artifice.
The term "paradise" comes from the Old Persian for "walled garden". The earth is our garden, it is up to us to protect and take care of it.
The symbol of the Third Paradise is the reformulation of the mathematical sign of infinity. The two opposite circles tend towards the central circle, which represents the womb of the re-birth. This symbol is a perspective that art offers society.
Let's all take part in the Third Paradise – Rebirth.

Rebirth-day is a great celebration throughout the world - a vital, living, breathing symbol of a new beginning.
Rebirth-day is
an annual event, a celebration that is renewed every year, let's work all together in the new edition of Rebirth-day.
We can all participate, with personal or group initiatives featuring proposals, actions and activities consistent with the process of responsible social change.

The Rebirth-Day project is low-impact, sustainable and sensitive to environmental issues; it promotes a development model appropriate to a practice of containment and it uses the free collaboration of individuals and communities throughout the world.
Participation in the Rebirth-Day represents a personal commitment to the process of change.
The actions, activities and interventions oriented toward rebirth will be carried out throughout 2016, and especially on the celebration day, 21 December. On December 21, 2016, let's meet in the streets and squares all over the world, and on the Web, to take part in the great celebration of the Third Paradise.
We have the extraordinary opportunity to joyfully and eagerly create our future destiny together: we can participate, with whatever form of expression (performance, music, sound, installations, images...) in creating a great common artwork.

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